Hey, I'm Jamar!

I help Online Coaches + Consultants build an unapologetically authentic personal brand to attract paying dream clients. You already have people who like, scratch that, LOVE when you show up being completely yourself. Changing who you are online isn't going to help you get more clients. It's just going to make your job a lot less fun. With my help you'll learn how to build your influence and create scalable ways to monetize it.

Social Media for BrandNewbs

Social Media for BrandNewbs is a new, 8-week accelerator to help individuals build their brand and get more clients with social media.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Get started with your email marketing. Learn everything you need to begin building your email community and start marketing to them. 

Welcome + Selling Sequence Email Templates

Download easy-to-use templates and samples to help you write your own welcome and sales emails for your email community.

Social Media + Content Planning Sheets

Download 9 fillable and printable planning sheets I use to plan out my IG posts, FB posts, YouTube videos, Live streams, emails, blog posts,

My Content Planning Strategy for 2019 - REPLAY

In this 1-hour workshop, I'll walk you through simple strategies that will make planning your content easier and less overwhelming.